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 READ! Rules.

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READ! Rules.  Empty
PostSubject: READ! Rules.    READ! Rules.  EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 3:30 am

First Of All. Welcome To Fearsome.info | Custom DarkRP |Fast-DL|Admins|Pointshop|

General Rules and Admin Rules are Below here.

Donate £3 to become V.I.P for 1 Month and get 20 K Points in Points Shop and 20 K Money Ingame!
[ 3 Pounds = 4.64 USD ]
Donate £5 to become V.I.P for 2 Months and get 35 K Points in Points Shop and 35 K Money Ingame!
[ 5 Pounds = 7.73 USD ]
Donate £12 to become Permanent V.I.P with 60 K Points in Points Shop and 60 K Money Ingame!
[ 12 Pounds = 18.56 USD ]
Abusing = Demoted. While Donating you help to keep the Community and Servers Alive!

Click Donate to Donate!

Owner: Fatality
Co-Owner : thetwistedbeast

Super Admins:

None atm

None atm

Do Not Be Disrespectful Against players!
Do not RDM, Prop Kill, Prop Surf, Prop Block, Random Demote, NLR. Thank You
Do not cheat/hack/glitch. Doing this will result in a long life Ban!
Do not ask Admins for Points!
Do not ask the Owner's for ranks like Admin, Super Admin etc


Admin Rules!
Do Not Minge as Admin.
Do not random jail kill etc.
Do not give people alot of Points.
Do not noclip for no reason.
Do not ask for a higher rank such as Super Admin etc.
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READ! Rules.
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