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 Hi it's Mr Chair!

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Mr Chair

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Hi it's Mr Chair!  Empty
PostSubject: Hi it's Mr Chair!    Hi it's Mr Chair!  EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 11:50 pm

RP name: Mr Chair
How long have you played at Fearsome?: About 36 hours
Age: 16
Steam name: Mr Chair
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51622401
Do you have a mic: Yep
Do you have the requirements: Yep I do
Will you be active on the forum: Yes
Where can the rules be found: On server !motd on internet http://fearsome.forumotion.com/t15-read-rules
3 of the most important rules: Do not be disrespectful against players,Do not cheat/hack/glitch:Doing this will result in a long life ban. Do not RDM, NLR, Prop Push, Prop Block, Prop Kill, Random Demote.
Why you deserve the rank:
I love to play on the server and would be glad to join the Fearsome Community,i know this may not be much but i hope i can still get the rank
You saw someone propkill someone: Slay and if they so it again ban
Someone said in OOC that he was RDMed (Randomly killed): Question the person that RDM'd and if they keep it up ban
3 people from the same clan said Leon prop killed: Ask Leon if he prop killed or just look at console to see if he did or didn't and if he did slay him and ban him if he still prop kills and if he didn't then ask the clan members why they where lying and Question/Slay them.
Someone has prop blocked someones shop or home: First warning is to tell them to remove the prop if they don't slay and if they keep it up ban
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Hi it's Mr Chair!
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