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 READ! Rules.

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PostSubject: READ! Rules.    Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:14 pm

First Of All. Welcome To Fearsome.info | Serious Zombie Survival |24/7|Fast-DL|No-Lag|

Read the Rules before Playing!
Do Not Be Disrespectful Against players!
Do not Rage, Harass, Mic Spam, Spam.
Do not cheat/hack/glitch.
Do not ask the Owner's for ranks like Admin, Super Admin etc

Admin Rules:
Do Not Minge/be an asshole as Admin!
Do not random jail, slay, kick etc
Never kick/ban without a Reason!
Do not ask for a higher rank such as Super Admin!

Donate £3 to become V.I.P for 1 Month and get 20 K Points in Points Shop! [ 3 Pounds = 4.64 USD ]
Donate £5 to become V.I.P for 2 Months and get 35 K Points in Points Shop! [ 5 Pounds = 7.73 USD ]
Donate £12 to become Permanent V.I.P with 60 K Points in Points Shop! [ 12 Pounds = 18.56 USD ]

This is what you get when you Donate! [ Pictures are a bit Outdated, You will get more Guns and Player Models in V.I.P Item's Tab! ]

Owner: Fatality
Co-Owner : thetwistedbeast
Co-Owner : Bees Knees

Super Admins:



Snake Man

Do Not Ask For Admin, instead apply.
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READ! Rules.
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